alsa->pulseaudio->alsa directsound hang

Al Tobey tobert at
Tue Oct 30 03:24:20 CDT 2007

I spent some time this evening playing around with trying to get wine
sound output to go through pulseaudio on my fc8/rawhide (x86_64) box.
  I tried wine 0.9.43 (built), 0.9.47 (fc8 rpm), and Crossover 6.2.0.
  I was testing with Steam/TF2, but found that the same issue comes up
with a install of Winamp Lite using its default DirectSound output
plugin.    If I configure nothing and let wine grab the soundcard (I
have an Audigy, so it allows multiple streams), it works fine.    If I
configure it to use pulseaudio through the alsa plugin, it hangs.
I see the stream show up in the pulseaudio volume control, but nothing
plays and winamp's meter and progress bar are inactive.   The "Test
Sound" button in winecfg works and shows up in pavucontrol as a mono
stream.   I've tried numerous variations on emulation and bitrates
with no change.    I didn't have any luck getting the ESD support
(which would go straight to PA) to even show up in winecfg, even after
forcing it in regedit.   I probably missed something obvious.

I'll do some more debugging tomorrow, but I thought I'd throw my
config out there for others to experiment with and ridicule.     There
isn't much out on Google about this kind of config yet, but I expect
there will be more requests as the popularity of pulseaudio goes up,
especially with the release of fc8.  I think the latest Ubuntu has it
enabled by default, too.

Did anybody actually write a patch to directly support pulseaudio or
was the earlier discussion devoid of code?

My registry mods and .asoundrc for using the alsa/pulseaudio plugin
are attached.   Getting pulseaudio is left as an exercise to the
reader ;)

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