alsa->pulseaudio->alsa directsound hang

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Wed Oct 31 08:05:59 CDT 2007

Hi Al,

Al Tobey schreef:
> I spent some time this evening playing around with trying to get wine
> sound output to go through pulseaudio on my fc8/rawhide (x86_64) box.
>   I tried wine 0.9.43 (built), 0.9.47 (fc8 rpm), and Crossover 6.2.0.
>   I was testing with Steam/TF2, but found that the same issue comes up
> with a install of Winamp Lite using its default DirectSound output
> plugin.    If I configure nothing and let wine grab the soundcard (I
> have an Audigy, so it allows multiple streams), it works fine.    If I
> configure it to use pulseaudio through the alsa plugin, it hangs.
Why would you do 'alsa -> pulseaudio -> alsa'? I'm not surprised it
wouldn't work. It is more likely a problem with the audio system then
with wine, however if you do WINEDEBUG=+wave,+tid,+dsalsa you have a
chance of tracking it down yourself.


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