Want to contact Mike McCormack

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Tue Sep 18 12:38:29 CDT 2007

Stefan Ensslen wrote:
> I wanted to contact Mike McCormack from the WinE developer team, but my email to mike at codeweavers.com bounced. If you could send me his new email address, I'd be very happy. 
> The question I wanted to ask Mr. McCormack is the following:
> Dear Mike,
> I have found your code for generating proxy/stub-code at www.winehq.org. I wanted to ask where you have found a documentation of the functions used in this code (for example NdrProxyInitialize, NdrProxySendReceive, and so on). The MSDN doesn't provide any _valuable_ documentation for this function, so you surely have another source of documentation.

I'm not Mike, but I can probably answer this. Some of the knowledge 
about what NdrProxy* functions are supposed to do come from their use in 
MIDL-generated code. The rest of the knowledge comes from writing tests 
for the functions.

The code for generating proxy/stub code was probably arrived at by 
comparing the output against MIDL and trying to get it as close as possible.

Rob Shearman

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