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Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Mon Sep 24 09:50:10 CDT 2007

> > Correct but we don't have it in Wine. If we added the Drv functions,
> > while I have the parts of the DIB engine unimplemented, I could
> > forward back to the driver alot easier. There is maybe another way,
> > but having Drv functions make sense in my mind.
> That would be perfect (IMHO), when our Drivers (winex11, wineps) use
> DDI as API.
> I dont know our Driver-Code in this Area good enough, but I expect that
> this big change need a lot of testing.
> > > > Also, I wonder how your Eng* functions would integrate with the dib
> > > > engine I'm writing
> > >
> > > The main Problem with the Rendering-API in Wine
> > > (between GDI and our Drivers: winex11, wineps, mfdrv, enhmfdrv)
> > > is more like win3x and far away from DDI (Device Driver Interface).
> > >
> > 
> > Do the Eng functions have to be based on DDI? Or can we use it with my
> > DIB engine?
> The DIB-Engine on Windows are the main Part behind Eng* and Friends and
> MS defined DDI as API for that.
> I had no time yet to look in your DIB-Engine.

Moving to DDI could mean huge changes. The DDI is documented (for a part on msdn) but for the rest I think in driver docs. Transgaming for instance also used the DDI for their DirectX support but at some stage they didn't continue with it because of changes in licensing. So I would watch out with it.

Second if you are interested in this area, I would say skip DDI and start doing things the Vista-way. I'm not sure how DDI works there but in the end everything is layered on top of directx. (of course not the standard ddraw/d3d functions) I would check how Vista is doing things.

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