AppDB:Nice URLs Question on integration / Request for testing

John Klehm xixsimplicityxix at
Tue Apr 1 18:24:36 CDT 2008


So I have a working "nice urls" implementatino here:
Simply enter in anything after app/  (e.g.  At this point its better to
enter in too little of the desired app name rather than too much.
(better to have visual-basic or visual than visual-basic-7)

So test away and let me know how to improve it or whatnot.

Also as you'll see if you try it out, relative urls are broken (lack
of css, so its ugly =P) because well the page we return is now
relative to the searched term. As I see it we can integrate this with
appdb in 2 ways.  Make all urls absolute or make functions of the main
viewing pages and pass a url base into them.  Any ideas or comments on
the best way to get around this problem would be great.

John Klehm

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