[PATCH] winecfg => control panel applets patch

pure_evil at mail.bg pure_evil at mail.bg
Fri Apr 11 13:29:45 CDT 2008

> However, since control panel does not utilize Unicode yet, the additionalb 
> Bulgarian translation matches the English one.

> So what's the point of that "translation" then? Right now it doesn't add 
> anything worthwhile but increases the patch size - not good.
Well, it was intended as a template and as a "forward compatibility" thing. 
(I know, it's REALLY annoying to have a stub mark the beginning of a 400 
lines+ of patch. ugh. don't know why that one came to be the first file... 
It's place is somewhere in-between the icons IMHO.)

> You probably increase the chance of your patch being accepted by leaving 
> out that not-really-a-translation. I'd recommend you submit that as a 
> patch at a later point of time. It probably also makes sense to properly 
> "unicodify" the control panel before supplying a language that needs it.

Control panel doesn't support Unicode, so I could've dropped all that language 
mumbo-jumbo alltogether - it indeed adds a lot of overhead and complexity to 
the entire thing. However, I wanted to provide a forward-compatible solution 
(and, Dan Kegel said straight: go for Unicode!), rather than coding 
(which also explains the *not-so-optimal* way I handled the winecfg mod 
itself. Now I understand a new tab is to be added... and with a slight 
modification, a seventh applet will appear. (and it'll require less time to 
do than to draw the icon)

And really, introducing a new capability (home-grown applets), modifying 
winecfg -and- unicodifying control panel at the same time would've been a tad 
overkill. I was thinking of (should the control panel be accepted at all) 
unicodifying the control and providing the right translation for the applets 
in the next patch, in which case I'd be modifying only the pre-existing .rc 
rather than poking in the applet source.

/Then again, a few languages might not actually require Unicode for those 
texts, so, someone seeing that it's capable of being translated speaking the 
right language.../

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