Evgeny Burzak buzzilo at
Wed Apr 23 07:28:50 CDT 2008

On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 20:23:27 -0400
"Chris Morgan" <chmorgan at> wrote:

> We've been throwing around the idea of switching the site to using
> drupal for a while now so we can more easily manage it remotely and
> take advantage of things like polls and news stories.
> I'm sure more can be found but these are the ones that stuck out as
> some of the biggest improvements. We also need to find people
> interested in working on some of these features.
> Chris

Switching to drupal is a great idea i think, but i have no deal with drupal at all.. 
I wonder how to move all content to new site? May be the simplest way is begin from scratch? :)


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