Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Tue Apr 22 19:23:27 CDT 2008

>  Regarding the design itself, the colored boxes remind me more of a
>  children's party than a useful piece of software.  If you want to add
>  color to the page, it seems like there are other ways to do it without
>  calling garish attention to the Wine logo.

Garish? ;-) I thought the top X entries looked great.

>  That said, winehq and appdb definitely need a new redesign, and I'm very
>  happy you've offered to help.
>  Thanks,
>  Scott Ritchie

We've been throwing around the idea of switching the site to using
drupal for a while now so we can more easily manage it remotely and
take advantage of things like polls and news stories.

I'll suggest the same thing I mentioned the last time the redesign
came up, we should make the changes individually, picking the most
important ones first.

- Program icons (I really like these)
- Stats block on the main page is great (This is something Drupal is
suited to, enabling us to add a box like this and make it user
- Collapsing the many 'browse' options, maybe into a menu that expands
when clicked or hovered, or simply removing the options and improving
the UI to have the same capabilities without special links.

I'm sure more can be found but these are the ones that stuck out as
some of the biggest improvements. We also need to find people
interested in working on some of these features.


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