[TRY 3] Add tests for checking the parent notification for editcontrol

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Tue Aug 12 06:56:09 CDT 2008

"Ilya Shpigor" <shpigor at etersoft.ru> wrote:

What is the difference between wpParent1 and wpParent2 besides slightly
different indentation and 1 superfluous 'break' statement?

> > - /* why do we notify to es->hwndParent, and we send this one to GetParent()? */
> > + /* All notifies are send to es->hwndParent
> > + * Its are send to the current parent.
> > + */
> > hbrush = (HBRUSH)SendMessageW(GetParent(es->hwndSelf), msg, (WPARAM)hdc, (LPARAM)es->hwndSelf);
> > if (!hbrush)
> > hbrush = (HBRUSH)DefWindowProcW(GetParent(es->hwndSelf), msg, (WPARAM)hdc, (LPARAM)es->hwndSelf);
> This tests confirming my statement in the comment. If we change 
> GetParent(es->hwndSelf) to es->hwndParent the tests will be failed.

I don't see the tests confirming the comment. Why are you adding the whole
new message handling code to edit.c (which complicates things a lot, and makes
it less clear what you are trying to do) while msg.c already has everything
required, and it already contains the edit message tests?


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