[Patch] 0001-Support-for-winscard.dll.patch

Mounir IDRASSI mounir.idrassi at idrix.net
Mon Aug 25 03:56:25 CDT 2008

Hi All,

I have just been informed by one of my contacts that this discussion about
Winscard has started.
As the original author of Winscard for Wine, I'd like to inform you that I
have already posted a fully functional Winscard patch for Wine on April
2007. Here is the link to it :


Afterwards, my complete patch was not accepted because I was relying on
the fact that alignment of the Winscard structures coming from the WIN32
world is the same as the alignment expected by pcsclite on the system on
which Wine is running. My assumption is true for Linux 32Bit but I clearly
can't guarantee that on other platforms.

Anyway, my implementation is running production systems on two of my
customers under Linux 32bit (Ubuntu, CCID readers) and it has been tested
by many users who contacted me directly to provide them with the full
featured winscard version. For that, I distribute the winscard binary for
32-bit Linux systems under the following link :


I think it would be more efficient if your effort can benefit from my
patch and all the experience I have put on it. The source from my side has
evolved a little bit but it remains close to the original posting. I hope
there will room for collaboration of this to provide a maximum number of
Wine users with smart cards functionalities.


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