Status of 64 bit Wine

Michael Ost most at
Tue Dec 2 10:40:04 CST 2008

Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Michael Ost schreef:
>> Hi list,
>> Every once in a while my boss asks me about 64 bit wine. And today was 
>> the day. So what's the status?
>>  From my understanding there are two parts to the question. First, is 
>> anyone using a 64 bit build of Wine? How successfully? Does it pass 
>> the internal wine tests?
> Been playing around with it a little bit for fun and profit. If you look 
> at the Wine64 wiki page you see the current state.

Thanks for the link. It says AMD64 --- I hope this doesn't sound stupid 
but will that work on 64 bit Intels too?

Is this an afterhours project for you, or something more serious?

>> And second, is there any progress on loading 64 bit windows binaries 
>> in Wine? My understanding was that changes were needed to gcc to make 
>> that happen. Is that correct? Is there any progress on that score?
> The changes are mostly in, there is a bug in gcc with handling it, but I 
> got the patch for it so locally it works. Basic programs winelib 
> programs like winecfg work.
> The most succesful binary I ran was a pacman for win64, but the only 
> thing it does is throw up a messagebox 'unable to load resources'.

"Pacman" is a windows 64 binary, with the windows ABI? And that required 
your local gcc patch to work, right? Does --enable-win64 alter gcc so it 
builds code that can deal with the windows 64 bit conventions?

Knowing that you got past that would be good news, because this sounded 
like the biggest, scariest part when I looked into it a while back.

> Getting it in an AJ approved form is a bit harder, but I'm working on it.

Right-o! Glad to hear you are at it.

Thanks! ... mo

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