comdlg32: includeobject needs to notify window with CDN_INCLUDEITEM

ricardo filipe ricardo_barbano at
Sun Dec 7 14:48:50 CST 2008

this is related to

so... i decided to investigate why didn't media player classic show the files when browsing...
i've been debugging this for some days but found the problem, although it's not
quite solved, so if anyone has any idea please share.

the good thing was that mpc source code is available so i could see how it was
i found out that includeObject is supposed to notify the browsing window with
CDN_INCLUDEITEM that wasn't yet declared in wine.
the problem is that i get:

err:pidl:_ILSimpleGetTextW -- no text
err:pidl:_ILSimpleGetTextW -- no text
trace:commdlg:SendCustomDlgNotificationMessage RET NOTIFY
trace:commdlg:SendCustomDlgNotificationMessage Retval: 0x00000000

and the notify isn't successful :\
any ideas?

patch in attachment...

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