comdlg32: includeobject needs to notify window with CDN_INCLUDEITEM

ricardo filipe ricardo_barbano at
Mon Dec 8 16:11:17 CST 2008

so i just saw this insightful comment in filedlg.c:

 * FIXME: CDN_FILEOK is wrong implemented, other CDN_ messages likely too

must be why it doesn't really notify the window :\
send_message() needs to be fixed for this.

> From: ricardo_barbano at
> To: wine-devel at
> Subject: comdlg32: includeobject needs to notify window with CDN_INCLUDEITEM
> Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 20:48:50 +0000
> this is related to
> so... i decided to investigate why didn't media player classic show the files when browsing...
> i've been debugging this for some days but found the problem, although it's not
> quite solved, so if anyone has any idea please share.
> the good thing was that mpc source code is available so i could see how it was
> implemented.
> i found out that includeObject is supposed to notify the browsing window with
> CDN_INCLUDEITEM that wasn't yet declared in wine.
> the problem is that i get:
> err:pidl:_ILSimpleGetTextW -- no text
> err:pidl:_ILSimpleGetTextW -- no text
> trace:commdlg:SendCustomDlgNotificationMessage RET NOTIFY
> trace:commdlg:SendCustomDlgNotificationMessage Retval: 0x00000000
> and the notify isn't successful :\
> any ideas?
> patch in attachment...
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