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On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 5:47 AM, Steven Edwards <winehacker at> wrote:
> Heh sorry for all the spam, it would help if I used gmail for
> everything, in the original thread Jer already gave blanket permission
> for Wine to that logo:
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> Jon Parshall is proud of his ability to draw those penguins,
> and we'd gladly send that artwork to anyone that wanted to make a T-shirt.
> Note, though, that we felt we had to (very sadly) drop the penguin; it doesn't
> really work for Mac users.
> Again sorry for the spam, I will stop with it now.
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Hi there, some preliminar desings, with two T-shirt models to choose from:

Which model and T-shirt do you like better? Any suggestion to improve
them? Maybe in a future we can sell more than one Wine design, but
right now we'd rather offer only one, to avoid logistic problems.

I've created this to make voting easier:

Ismael Barros

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