Unused vtables and debug channels

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 18 14:36:58 CST 2008

Andrew Talbot a écrit :
> Christian Costa wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>> BTW, if the vtable are removed, there may be some unused functions. Will
>> they be removed as well ?
>> Bye,
>> Christian
> Hi Christian,
> Because I was mindful not to remove such things lightly, that is why I
> sought feedback from the community, and I shall respect the views expressed
> by some, therefore, to leave the vtables alone. However, I do agree with
> Henri's view that it is the keeping of pieces of code needs to be justified,
> and so am inclined to remove any genuinely unused Wine debug channels, since
> they are comparatively simple items and very easy to resurrect if
> eventually required.
> Thanks to everyone,
Hi Andrew,

Cleaning the code is a good thing. If we take the time to do it the 
right way, that's fine.


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