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>> Hi,
>> I just sent a bug-fix to wine-patches to prevent a crash in winecfg
>> when editing the volume serial number input field, together with some
>> unrelated thoughts about winecfg and the device/volume serial number
>> handling. Then I realized that wine-patches is not a good place for
>> discussion. So here are the ideas about winecfg's GUI:
> It doesn't make sense to me to rely on writing to a file to set the
> windows serial number or label. What about readonly disks?
> I think those values should be in the registry. Or at least check the
> registry should be a fallback if .windows-serial or .windows-label does
> not exist.
> I am stuck now because an installer program is looking for a CD of a
> certain label. I can't fudge in the label because it's a CD that I can't
> write to.
> Is anyone working on this issue, or agree/disagree? ... mo

The label of the CD is read from the disk.  If you're using a mounted
ISO, you have to fix the access rights of the loopback file
representing the ISO file.

James Hawkins

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