Adding Mac joystick support -- build problem (resend)

Nick Burns adger44 at
Sun Dec 21 01:07:50 CST 2008

Resending this due to the terrible hotmail "formatting"
Any tips for how to get legible emails out of hotmail without doubling up the newlines would be greatly appreciated
Note: I cannot even read the emails I send from hotmail...

I have a few tips for running built wine on OS X

I have made some Apple specific mods to get wine (ogl) working
Most of these are hacks to workaround some issues in xquartz X11 (and they got radars)

1 - Get/install an updated x11 (2.3.1+ has worked well for me)
2 - Apply my attached patch (I have others for specific games -- but this is the base)
3 - Open X11 and goto your 'patched' wine tree
4 - (under xterm) Run 'autoconf' to regen yer configure script (my patch mods
5 - (under xterm) Run 'make depend && make && sudo make install'

Now you should be able to run d3d and ogl windows apps under wine

 - Nick
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