d3d9/tests: Don't create a Null-shader in d3d9, it will crash.

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Tue Dec 23 07:24:05 CST 2008

> The patch is already applied, but I think removing the test is the
> right thing to do. I only added the test to test what error d3d9
> returns when a NULL shader is passed. If it depends on the driver, I
> doubt we care.
This patch was a good idea, yes

I'm only afraid of this hypothetical scenario:

1) We remove a test because it breaks on $NONSTANDARDWINDRV
2) $BUGGYGAME depends on the tested behavior, and is broken on above driver on Windows too
3) Some future patch changes this behavior
4) The test doesn't warn us because it was removed
5) $BUGGYGAME is now broken on Wine
???) The test removed in (1) is added again because $BUGGYGAME depends on it and the developer who fixes the regression doesn't know about $NONSTANDARDWINDRV

IMHO it is better to use broken() wherever possible, although with a crash that is hard to do.

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