Wine t-shirts?

Ismael Barros² razielmine at
Tue Dec 23 19:56:14 CST 2008

Looks like the poll is pretty dead, and unless somebody wants to link
it somewhere, I suppose we should start getting some conclussion

White T-shirt wins 17-11 over white and red, but designs A and B are
drawn, so our designer will choose (and she really disliked option A

About the slogan, there are 5 for "no slogan at all" and 4 for "run
windows applications etc", and I see the drunk penguin T-shirt more
suitable with either an informal slogan or just with the project name
and website.

So according to the poll (if nobody else wants to vote, the poll is
still open) we have cute drunk penguin D with no slogan, "Wine" name, somewhere and white T-shirt.

When we are able to get more Wine T-shirts going, we will use design A
and "run windows applications etc" slogan.

Anything else?

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