Wine Gecko packaging

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Tue Dec 30 14:35:59 CST 2008

On Tuesday 30 December 2008 13:24:27 Jacek Caban wrote:
> Now that we have a new Gecko, the work isn't done yet. All packages have
> to be updated. Wine can use only the new version now, so if a package
> contains an older version, it won't work and Gecko installer will be
> used instead. The update is as simple as providing the new file instead
> of the old one, so I believe it's not too much work. Note that for older
> Wine versions, older Gecko must be used.

actually, why not add a simple configure check ?  if the .cab exists but is 
too old, abort.  package maintainers will figure things out real quick :).
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