Contribution to the Toolbar common control

Alan Feldman alanfeld at
Wed Dec 31 03:49:46 CST 2008

Hello Wine developers,

I am writing to this forum because I wanted to contribute some useful
development information to your community while at the same time not
have to get too involved as I currently have no plans to stay involved
going forward.

I wanted to say that I am *really* impressed with the codebase that
you guys have developed! I stumbled across the Winehq site as I was
looking for more information on Microsoft's Toolbar common control.
The source code you guys have has made understanding the internals of
the Toolbar control really easy and I really appreciate the work you
guys have done. (I even took a peek at Microsoft's comctl32.dll
disassembly to confirm a couple of the things you guys wrote and it
checked out) ;-)

So, anyway, in gratitude for what you guys have provided me I wanted
to "give something back". I noticed that there are several Toolbar
window messages which are listed as "unknown" which at the time of the
writing of this e-mail are now definitely "known" and I would like to
provide that information to someone to check in to your source code

Here is my contribution:

Function: ToolbarWindowProc()

TB_UNKWN460 is really TB_SETLISTGAP  (WM_USER + 96)
TB_UNKWN467 (which is not in the Wine source yet) is really

Those Toolbar window messages are currently not in the public Windows
headers at this time but they have been *documented* on the MSDN
Library web site now.

Here are links to the MSDN Library help topics giving evidence to what
I wrote up above:

Also, in this source file:

Someone took a REALLY good guess at the name of a Toolbar
notification! TBN_WRAPHOTITEM is definitely the name of notification
TBN_FIRST- 24. Good guess! I would say that the comment about this
message being undocumented and just a "guess" can now be removed. Even
though this message is also not in any public header file, this
message is now *documented* and the documentation can be found here:

Cheers! :-)

  Alan Feldman

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