winedbg - using pdb from Visual Studio 2005

Michel Jacques boardermj at
Tue Feb 5 11:54:36 CST 2008


I am using PDBs generated with 2005 with wine version 0.9.54.

I get errors related to my PDBs and I am wondering if I need 
to change the pdb format? Anything special to do when using 2005?

Here are the errors I get, each time one of my pdb gets loaded:

0009:trace:dbghelp:SymFindFileInPathW (hProcess = 0x30, searchPath = (null), full_path =
L"C:\\master\\x86\\debug\\bin\\mydll.pdb", id = 0x34c160, two = 0x00000002, three = 0x00000000,
flags = 0x00000008, buffer = 0x34b718, cb = 0x6020fb50, user = 0x34bd30)
0009:err:dbghelp_msc:pdb_process_types -Unknown type info version 20040203
0009:err:dbghelp_msc:pe_load_debug_directory Got a page fault while loading symbols
0009:trace:dbghelp:pcs_callback 0x111998 2 0x34c378
0009:trace:dbghelp:pcs_callback 0x111998 1 0x34c378
0009:trace:dbghelp:pe_load_stabs failed to load the STABS debug info


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