How should we treat users on bugzilla?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Feb 17 22:53:31 CST 2008

Dan Kegel wrote:
> I've been seeing a lot of bugs closed as INVALID
> when a poor user didn't file the bug perfectly.
> IMHO this leads to Wine having a user-hostile reputation.
> Case in point:
> What can we do to reduce this kind of behavior?
> Maybe we should have a "three warnings" sort of
> policy.  If somebody continues to be rude to users
> after being asked twice not to, we should consider
> taking away their Bugzilla privileges for a while.
> Sure, that would hurt our productivity, but it might
> be better to do that than to alienate our users.
> What do other people think?
> - Dan
+1.  We need to have someone triage the bugs and link together those 
that are similar.  Marking issues IMMEDIATELY as INVALID shows users 
that we really don't care about their reports and gives them a negative 
impression.   Marking a bug as a duplicate, after confirmation, does 
show that we care and that the bugzilla is extremely hard to search 
through (this is and continues to be a major shortcoming of Bugzilla, 
not of the Wine/Mozilla projects and is a reason the company I work for 
did not adopt it.)

BTW, this bug appears to be related to the bug I'm working on a patch 
for.  It is issue 6254.


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