Do we need a forum?

L. Rahyen research at
Tue Feb 19 00:09:23 CST 2008

On Tuesday February 19 2008 05:43:33 Dan Kegel wrote:
> Anybody who thinks we need another forum
> needs his head examined.  There is no shortage
> of Wine forums.  We just need to use the ones that
> already exist.  Adding a new one will just fragment
> the community further.
> In particular, there are two forums right now
> that people already use to discuss wine problems:
> a generic one at
> and an Ubuntu-specific one at
> Let's just link to them.  I'll submit a patch to do
> that in a minute.

	This is certainly good idea!

> And I like Griswold's idea (on IRC) of improving
> the current appdb in small ways, e.g. changing the
> reply behavior to not open up a new page.
> For goodness' sake, don't create yet another new forum!
> - Dan

	I agree that there is no need in "just another forum", really... Main point 
of this discussion was that should have a link(s) to a forum(s) of 
some kind (WINE related) so users can find it easily. That's more than 
enough, actually.
	I saw your recent patch for this and I think this is exactly what was needed 
to fix the issue. So I think this topic is resolved (or, to be exact, will be 
resolved when your patch will be committed). Thank you for quick fix!

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