user32dll: cursoricon.c. Fix 16b BMP handling with BT_BITFIELD.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Feb 20 09:39:10 CST 2008

"Alexander Demakin" <avd at> wrote:

> This patch fixes image header handling with BT_BITFIELD flag. 12 bytes of mask 
> were included into image bits, it caused some color troubles and image 
> horizontal shift. Size of bitmap info structure includes now this bytes. 

You are mixing tabs and spaces again, and please use 4 spaces for indentation.

>  static int bitmap_info_size( const BITMAPINFO * info, WORD coloruse )
>  {
>      int colors;
> -
> +    int result;
>      if (info->bmiHeader.biSize == sizeof(BITMAPCOREHEADER))

Any reason you have removed a space after a variable declaration?

> Changelog:
> user32.dll Fix 16b BMP handling with BT_BITFIELD.

Please have a look how others name the patches. A usual convenience is
to write dll name without extension, ': ' and short description.


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