website: add links to most popular active Wine forums

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Feb 21 12:41:28 CST 2008

2008/2/21 Tom Wickline <twickline at>:
>  [if] the forums at were not
>  popular enough to make this cut, may I ask how many users = popular?

Well, let's see:
Ubuntuforums: Threads: 685,027, Posts: 4,364,352, Members: 509,031
Linuxforums: Threads: 111,640, Posts: 550,654, Members: 149,826 Themen: 238.148, Beiträge: 1.602.009, Benutzer: 70.611  Threads: 22,816; no idea how many
posts or members. Threads: 174, Posts: 529, Members: 751

I think you have to grow by about two orders of magnitude
to complete.  And even then, you'd be
fragmenting the user space.  I rather doubt the
average Ubuntu user, comfortable in his or her Ubuntu
forum, will venture afield when there's a wine area right
there in the ubuntu forum site.  Likewise, users comfortable
with the wine-users mailing list are unlikely to switch.  etc.
By adding a new forum, you're decreasing the quality of
support in the existing ones.
- Dan

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