GSoC 2008 kickoff.

Kai Blin kai.blin at
Mon Feb 25 01:50:17 CST 2008

Hi folks,

Google announced the 2008 programme today and I wanted to use the opportunity 
to talk about the next steps we should take to get ready.

I will start a separate thread to start collecting project ideas, presenting 
the ones mentioned on the wiki page [1]. New project ideas are very much 
welcome. If any of you feels like mentoring one of the projects, please 
mention that. If you're a student with your own project idea, please mention 
that as well.

We will then have to discuss if we believe the projects are doable in a Summer 
of Code timeframe. When we talked about last year's projects on WineConf, it 
was the common opinion that we didn't do a very good job on that for 2007. I 
don't have a surefire solution for this, we should try being a bit more 
conservative though.

I will add some more documentation to the SoC wiki page, does anybody have a 
good idea what we could call the post-mortem analysis? I know this is a 
correct technical term, but in my opinion it sounds a bit negative. Lacking a 
better alternative, I'd call it review. Can the native speakers come up with 
something else?

Maarten, you wrote a wiki page about your 2007 experience. Could you add it to 
the "Helpful Links" section?



Kai Blin
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