More ops for(#winehq (was Re: Wine hostmask for Freenode IRC)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Feb 25 07:42:14 CST 2008

Kai Blin wrote:
> On Monday 25 February 2008 10:33:26 Kai Blin wrote:
>> Hi folks.
>> so what was the process of getting a wine/developer hostmask on freenode?
> I assume whoever is able to give me a hostmask will also be able to give me 
> ops on #winehq. We obviously need more of those. Any other takers?

We have a problem.  Mike McCormack 'owns' #winehackers.  And Andreas Mohr
'owns' #winehq.

You can see this with this command:
  /msg Chanserv info #<channel>

The owner is the only person who can add someone at a high level and
can genuinely fix things.

The Channel server maintains 'levels':
  /msg Chanserv access #<channel> list
shows current access rights  and
  /msg Chanserv level #<channel> list
shows what levels are needed.

What you need is someone with an level of 30; that
is the level required to permanently make someone an op.
(To temporarily op someone requires level 10).

Only Mike Hearn and Mike McCormack have level 30 on #winehackers.

On WineHQ, many more folks have level 30, including myself.

Now I had written Mike and Andreas asking them to pick someone
active to turn ownership over to; neither of them replied.

I seem to recall that someone had put a petition into Freenode
to fix this, but I don't know what came of that.

I'll plan on hanging out on #freenode and asking for help later
on today.  This is silly :-/.



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