More ops for(#winehq (was Re: Wine hostmask for Freenode IRC)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Feb 25 09:56:26 CST 2008

> I seem to recall that someone had put a petition into Freenode
> to fix this, but I don't know what came of that.
> I'll plan on hanging out on #freenode and asking for help later
> on today.  This is silly :-/.

Urk.  It's even worse than I thought.

To fix this, we need to submit a group registration:

But they have a backlog...of months, and not single digit
months.  The only hope for is that the request on behalf
of Wine that did go in a while ago may be getting near
the top (I submitted a new one today as well).

So I've sent email off to Mike and Andi begging them to help us out;
I've specifically asked them to make Alexandre the contact.

If anyone sees either of them in a bar, please trap them
and make them sign on and fix this.



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