AppDB stats

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Mon Feb 25 10:09:51 CST 2008

Just a little note to all about the appdb stats. We now have 9000
application versions in the database.

Users: 23474
Comments: 21305
Application families: 5814
Versions: 9000
Application maintainers: 1462
Test reports: 18572
Screenshots: 6234

The Application maintainer stats is the most interesting in that we
have 1462 individuals who now maintain applications. Most of these are
regular users of wine and I for one really appreciate their effort in
helping others.

I would also like to recognize the individuals who have helped improve
the AppDB code lately.

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes
Chris Morgan
Jeff Zaroyko


Tony Lambregts

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