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Wed Feb 20 09:39:33 CST 2008

After some playing around it seems you can pass in some linux env vars
but PATH is special, and PATH is the one you would need to add your
dlls path too.  For example you can do this:

$ MYVAR="hi" wine cmd /C echo %MYVAR%

and youll get "hi" on the command line but if you try this (some
trickery to maintain your linux path involved ):

$ PATH="Z:/path/to/dll/;%PATH%:$PATH" wine cmd /C echo %PATH%

Gives me atleast (wine .9.58):

Which is the exact same thing I get when I pass no env var:

$ wine cmd /C echo %PATH%

To have a temporary addition to path that is passed on the command
line it seems you could do this in windows:

cmd /V:ON /C "PATH=Z:/my/temp/path;%PATH%&& echo !PATH! && yourcommnd.exe"

However that doesn't work in wine.  Maybe because late variable
expansion (/V:ON) isn't implemented yet, I'm not sure. (I actually had
to escape the ! when trying in wine due to bash, that could have
played a role too)


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