Fwd: [alkyproject-announce] End of an era

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Jan 7 13:07:22 CST 2008

Am Montag, 7. Januar 2008 15:46:43 schrieb Marco da Silva:
> Can that code be used in wine? the DX implementation could help I think
Not really, no. I had a quick look at it, and it is at best a hello world 

Looking at their D3D10 implementation, it is comparable to Andras' soc code, 
with the difference that Alky has a few lines to create a gl context and send 
off vertices, but Andras has written a D3D10.idl header. Adding the 
functionality of Alky to Andras' code is a matter of hours, if we do it the 
hacky way. So all in all I think that the not yet integrated d3d10 that Wine 
has is more advanced. (Andras: Do you plan to continue working on that 

As far as other libraries go, there isn't much to see either. D3D9 isn't even 
comparable to the very first out-of-tree patch Oliver put onto Sourceforge 
years ago. No handling for stateblocks or shaders, no proper texture 
handling, no vertex arrays, etc. The other libraries are in a similar state. 
D3DX has a few math functions implemented, but we have all of that already 
thanks to David and the other D3DX hackers.

While the code may not be of any use for us(or anyone else, since Wine 
exists), Cody seems to have written a lot of code. It might not be comparable 
to Wine, which has enjoyed the work of almost thousand developers and is 
almost 15 years old, it seems to be quite some accomplishment for a project 
which has been developed by apparently one(two?) persons. (I have no 
comparison how Wine started though. I only had a Gameboy back then :-) )

And kudos to them for releasing the source!

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