[1/2] WineD3D: Detect geforce 7300 cards

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Tue Jan 8 16:30:16 CST 2008

> Wouldn't it be better to differ between the desktop and the Go versions?
> Dunno if some games use the information that the Go versions are 
> less-featured than the desktop versions, but might get us useful.
> Marco

The only difference between the 7300go and the standard are the gpu clocks. The 7400go runs at the same gpu clock as the standard 7300, the 7300go runs at 100MHz less (at 350MHz instead of 450MHz). I would prefer to default to the non-go variant as well. And even consider merging the 7300 and 7400 detection and let that default to 7300 as both are the same. (a 7400go runs at the gpu clock of a desktop 7300 and there is no desktop 7400)

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