Please change Bugzilla email settings for wine-bugs

Maarten Lankhorst maarten at
Wed Jan 9 16:28:26 CST 2008

Jeremy Newman schreef:
> Not easily. Mr. Bugs is set as a globalwatcher in the main prefs.
> 'globalwatchers'
>      A comma-separated list of users who should receive a copy of every 
> notification mail the system sends.
> One way I see fixing this is to remove Mr. Bugs from the globalwatchers 
> and log in as him and check all the types of mail we want him to 
> receive. This is how we used to do it before the globalwatchers option 
> was added. I'm not really sure of the ramifications of doing this.
If I recall correctly, it was changed to globalwatcher because wine-bugs
wouldn't receive a copy of bug changes any more if the bug wasn't
assigned to him and you didn't explictly add him to cc.


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