autorun perhaps dangerous (Was: Wine release 0.9.53)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Jan 13 18:17:53 CST 2008

L. Rahyen wrote:
> On Sunday January 13 2008 20:45:49 Steven Edwards wrote:
>> Because we
>> obviously don't care about whats convenient to people coming from a
>> windows background using that logic.
> 	"We shouldn't care about Windows power users" != "we shouldn't care 
> about Linux users". Please note that I say nothing here about should we care 
> about Windows (power) users or not. I'm just pointing that your logic isn't 
> correct.
> 	I try to explain why. First of all, msconfig and regedit cannot be compared 
> like two utilities of same importance or like two programs intended for same 
> audience.
> 	regedit is extremely popular, its use is intuitive for most Linux users, and 
> it cannot be replaced with a tab in winecfg. It even cannot be replaced with 
> external Linux tools like text editor because wineserver will overwrite any 
> changes that was made by an external program (this is true of course only if 
> wineserver was running; you need to shutdown it before using external program 
> for registry editing).
> 	msconfig is mostly intended for Window power users, its use isn't intuitive 
> for most Linux users (in fact, it even isn't intuitive for most Windows users 
> too), and it can be replaced with a tab in winecfg (at least, its most 
> important functionality).
L. Rahyen:

I have found that I CANNOT contribute code to this project.  However, 
this does not stop me from contributing my USD .02. 

Regedit serves a single purpose, editing the registry.  msconfig serves 
the purpose of editing the configuration of Windows and as a Windows 
'hacker' I live on this program.  Of course, for simplicity's sake this 
can be a tab in winecfg, but for a Windows user/hacker moving to 
Linux/Wine adding a symlink to winecfg and the appropriate tab would be 
acceptable, but overlooking this requirement is not 'a good thing'.  And 
adding the suprise of running Run Aways and Run Once is not nice.  A 
warning in the announcement would be nice and almost necessary for those 
folks running a combination Windows/Linux box, like I used to.  This was 
to overcome the massive number of Windows 'friends' like Storm.  So, I 
would implore the investigation of adding the necessary parts of 
msconfig to winecfg and before the actual release of Wine 1.0.

BTW, regedit is an absolute necessity to the Wine project, but it is 
also a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

Thank you.

James McKenzie

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