Easy usage of native DLLs in Linux programs

Radovan Skolnik radovan at skolnik.info
Wed Jan 16 08:46:31 CST 2008


I have found this old thread dealing exactly with what I need: 

It basically proposes a work to be done to allow loading native Windows DLLs 
into Linux binaries (for example loading WinAmp plugins into 

I am in the need to use a small DLL (no GUI, just few APIs that are all 
already implemented) which I have no source code to.

Has this initiative progressed to something? If not can anybody advise on how 
I shoudl proceed wrapping native DLL into .so? I have looked over the mplayer 
code to load Windows codecs but I couldn't really grasp the idea - the are no 
comments with the code :-(

Thank you and best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

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