Shader compiler GL error

Markus kde at
Wed Jan 16 14:20:30 CST 2008

On Wednesday 16 January 2008 20:31:51 you wrote:
> > fixme:d3d_surface:flush_to_framebuffer_drawpixels >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> > GL_INVALID_VALUE (0x501) from glDrawPixels @ surface.c / 1061
> You should get see what gets passed to glDrawPixels. According to the
> opengl man pages GL_INVALID_VALUE can occur if e.g. the dimensions are
> invalid. If these are indeed invalid, you need to figure out why they are
> wrong (I see that the pitch is 6400, which could mean a width of 1600
> assuming bpp=4)

This is a trace of the variables used to create the glDrawPixels call:

trace:d3d_surface:flush_to_framebuffer_drawpixels right 0, left 0, bottom 0, 
top 0, mem 0x5db0040, bpp 4, pitch 6400

I assume GL is complaining because the rectangle passed to it has a size of 

Adding a simple right>left and bottom>top condition at least resolves this 
error. However, whether that is correctly emulating D3D behavior, I don't 


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