winecfg.cpl: Add new control panel applet for winecfg

Owen Rudge owen at
Tue Jul 1 18:54:45 CDT 2008

 > I still don't see the need for a winecfg cpl applet at this point.
 > You say that the Wine Configuration icon is ok for the time being.
 > Take your time and design it correctly the first time, so you or
 > others don't have to go back and fix it later. Measure twice, cut
 > once, as they say. I want to reiterate that, as far as I remember,
 > this project doesn't have anything to do with redesigning winecfg.
 > Correct me if I'm wrong.

Well, the first part of the project was to get the shell namespace 
implementation of Control Panel working properly, which is now 
effectively complete. The second part of the project is to work on some 
applets for Wine, including improving the standard winecfg applets, 
unifying all of Wine's configuration tools in the Control Panel. As an 
example, I'm working on a new Add/Remove Programs applet, to replace the 
standard Wine uninstaller with one of enhanced functionality, and I am 
looking into what other applets will be useful within Wine. Splitting up 
appropriate parts of winecfg into separate control panels is another 
intention. As this latter goal may take a while to design and implement, 
I personally believe this control panel applet (which also adds icons 
for the Registry Editor and Task Manager, two other key utilities, which 
would be useful to have easy access for) is a useful stepping-stone, as 
it were.

I do get your point about designing things correctly, of course, but 
considering the relativey minor functionality of this control panel, it 
seems to me to be reasonable to include for the time being, so that it 
can be developed over the next month or so to include all this extra 
functionality - instead of turning up at the end of July with a large 
unwieldy patch!

Hope this helps clarify things,

Owen Rudge

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