Fallback from RPC_C_AUTHN_GSS_NEGOTIATE to RPC_C_AUTHN_WINNT if no SPNEGO package available

Rob Shearman robertshearman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 05:01:21 CDT 2008

2008/7/1 Stefan Kuhr <winesku at googlemail.com>:
> Hello everyone,

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your contribution.

> please find attached a patch for Bug #14222 (which I just submitted to
> bugzilla).  I think that this patch is not a hack, because even if
> someday a Negotiate package is available in WINE, this code won't
> break the Negotiate package.

That may be so, but it won't work for servers that only register the
RPC_C_AUTHN_GSS_NEGOTIATE authentication scheme. So the patch should
include a FIXME to warn users about this. Otherwise, the patch is

> Oh, and there was no rpcrt4 component to
> be selected for this bug in bugzilla, you might consider to add one.

Currently, we are using the "ole" component for RPC bugs, including
rpcrt4 and widl, but I agree that this isn't clear. I think we should
probably split the ole component up into rpc (which would be a
container for rpcrt4 & widl issues), ole32 and oleaut32.

> Please let me know if I did something obvious wrong since this is the
> first time I submit a patch to WINE.

Rob Shearman

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