Tests and Valgrinding

Zachary Goldberg zgs at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Jul 2 07:42:50 CDT 2008


I've been watching wine a bit recently and there's been a lot of
activity (code wise) in new features (backpressure from the freeze I'm
sure) and lots and lots of test fixes.  I know we have test.winehq.org
which is fantastic, but it doesn't give a very good feel for progress
that all of these recent patches have been making.  Sure we can look
at individual days and see how things go but there exists no real
aggregate over time to see how the test suite is doing as a whole on
all platforms.  Do we have any such metrics/graphs?  I think those
would be very interesting and perhaps motivating.  (Perhaps I should
work on that to add to the last post in WWN's?  Bugs / Appdb / Test

Also, Dan Kegel has been extraordinarily diligent in valgrinding of
late (/applause) and I just wanted to ask if we're doing anything to
support him?  Once he posts to the list it seems that its the author's
(of the breaking patch) responsibility to fix the problem.  Some
people have been very diligent in that (again, /applause) but I think
some of Dan's posts have been left unanswered.   I know Dan mentioned
perhaps making Valgrind-passing a requirement (along with not breaking
tests) for being committed.  I think perhaps we should take a look at
this and seriously consider implementing it.


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