[PATCH] wininet: moved cookie loading from HttpOpenRequest() to HttpSendRequest()

Hans Leidekker hans at meelstraat.net
Thu Jul 3 06:29:09 CDT 2008

On Thursday 03 July 2008 12:18:14 Yann Droneaud wrote:

> > Thanks Yann, good to see you move on to fix more bugs. To be accepted
> > in git each of those items should be a separate patch though, and the
> > impact of moving the cookie code is such that it needs a test case.
> Please, don't ask me to split the patch in more than two patches:
> - one for moving the code and using FLAG_REPLACE
> - one for cleanup/optimization
> Doing more will took me too much time.

If time is a problem you should probably concentrate on the first issue.

> And I can't write the test case alone: it requires a HTTP server with some
> pages that set cookies, redirect and check the cookies.

There's an embedded server in the test suite already, adding redirection
should be straightforward.


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