New winetricks 20080704: added firefox3, kde verbs (and a whole lot of other stuff)

Zachary Goldberg zgs at
Sun Jul 6 22:47:37 CDT 2008

On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Vitaliy Margolen
<wine-devel at> wrote:
> Vitaly Lipatov wrote:
>> В сообщении от 4 июля 2008 Dan Kegel написал(a):
>>> Another week, another winetricks.
>> Please check attached patch with fixes agains 20080704 version of winetricks.
>> Changes:
>> - introduce WINDIR variable with Unix path to windows dir (and use it
>> instead "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/windows)
>> - wrap kdialog/xmessage using with variable to disable extra requires during
>> creating a rpm package
>> - add missed quites and remove extra spaces
>>> Online as always at
>>> or
> Guessing windir is a bad thing. You should use this instead:
> WINDIR=$(wine winepath -u "$(wine cmd /c echo %windir%)")
> Same applies to other system directories like "Program Files".
> Vitaliy.


I in no way mean to second guess your work but I checked out the diff
for the most recent commit for how winetricks handled FF3.  It seems
all it does is download it and install it, no "tricks".  Do we want
winetricks to become a generic application installer?  I thoughts its
main purpose was to perform some non-obvious tricks to get difficult
things to install.


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