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Mon Jul 7 21:44:31 CDT 2008

I apologise for the simple mistakes. But I only made those spelling errors
after the fact and I was trying to get it working, I saw from google one
forums post where the U was capitalised so I thought I'd try it, I just had
forgot to put it back.

I have fixed all the error and now it doesn't complain about any errors with
the file but I think my make file is not correct. After I fixed the paths to
the linking library, now it is saying it that the linking
isn't done.

 gcc: /usr/local/cuda/lib/ linker input file unused because
linking not done

Also after that I get an error about is an empty
file. What is that LhAtfa.o? Of course it is an empty file as far as I know
that isn't a real file. What is it trying to link to?


Seth Shelnutt

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Juan Lang <juan.lang at> wrote:

> > I have #include <GL/gl.h>, maybe I do not have my makefile correct. I've
> > attached the makefile, the cudart.c and all the nvidia header's need (14
> of
> > them) in one tar.bz2 file. Can someone check my makefile and all? I read
> > through the nvidia license and it is ok to redistribute the headers.
> Nothing to do with the makefile.  Your includes are wrong.  I changed
> your includes as follows:
> --- cudart.c.orig       2008-07-07 14:54:51.000000000 -0700
> +++ cudart.c    2008-07-07 14:54:57.000000000 -0700
> @@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
>  /*This is a wrapper for cudart.dll and*/
> -#include <GL/gl.h>
>  #include <stdlib.h>
> +#include <windows.h>
> +#include <GL/gl.h>
>  #include <string.h>
>  #include "cuda_runtime.h"
>  #include "cuda_runtime_api.h" /*I am unsure if both these headers are
> needed, both do contain some of the functions*/
> This gets a lot of the compile errors to go away, but not all of them.
>  In several places you misspelled GLuint as GLUint.  In the future
> please be more careful, discussing basic stuff like this gets a little
> tedious.
> --Juan
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