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James Hawkins truiken at
Mon Jul 21 21:03:03 CDT 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Chris Ahrendt <celticht32 at> wrote:
> As I have been going through trying to debug the everquest2 issues on my
> machine I have run into a few places where I think the code should be
> changed a little ( this alot of times is where there is a GOTO in the
> code). My question is in the case where I do find these goto's and I
> rewrite the code  should I submit the changes here for approval?
> I have been doing some code reviews and found a few places where
> there are goto's that don't need to be there. I guess I am old school
> and really dislike code with goto's (they make debugging and maintenance
> a nightmare (I used to maintain 20 year old cobol code  along time ago =) )

You're not going to find many in this project that agree with your
stance on the use of goto's.  That being said, I'm curious to see
where you think the use of goto's should be replaced by something
else.  Feel free to send a RFC to wine-devel.

P.S.  Please don't send discussion emails to wine-patches.  wine-devel
is for discussion and wine-patches is for patches only.

James Hawkins

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