Device.c and set render states

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at
Mon Jul 28 19:28:57 CDT 2008

Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> Ok I will work on the test case when I get a chance... (I think I can
>> do
>> this in a vmware session if not it is going to have to wait till I get
>> to the house where I have a windows machine).
> Actually, you have to be careful with D3D and vmware. D3D is highly driver
> dependent, up to the point where we diverge from the reference rasterizer
> because games depend on a driver bug. VMware has its own D3D driver, which
> fails miserably in Wine tests(last someone checked).
> So you can certainly use vmware to write the test, but before using it to
> implement the same behavior in Wine or submitting the test, you should
> really test with a Windows machine, preferably one that has a GeForce or
> Radeon card
Ok.... I have a machine at home that I think has a GeForce card in it or 
a Radeon (I cant remember) that I will run on. Would it be better to 
write the test code or find something like 3D mark or the like?


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