Wine Profiling

Thomas Kho tkho at
Sun Jun 8 22:09:22 CDT 2008

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Stephen Eilert <spedrosa at> wrote:
> Are there any specific procedures or utilities to instrument and
> generate profiling reports?

This is indirectly related to your question, but I'd really love to
see better DTrace support for Windows applications running in Wine.
Like Dan Kegel recently suggested about Valgrind, great analysis tools
might just be _the_ reason for Windows developers to develop/debug
using Wine ;) [1].

Here's some Wine + DTrace activity I dug up:

* Damian Wojsław recently suggested starting by adding function bounds probes

* DTrace providers for Wine are a long term goal for the OpenSolaris folks

* There's a bug report out there with DTrace output of wineserver attached


[1] The main point I took away from the OpenSolaris talk at the last
LugRadio Live conference was exactly this. Sun seriously thinks
Solaris niceties (think ZFS and DTrace up the application stack) +
friendly GNU userland is the key to attracting developers to
OpenSolaris. You could apply that same argument to Wine +

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