yes I am trying to get feedback before I put it...

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Thu Jun 26 17:53:12 CDT 2008

celticht32 at wrote:
> on the patch list...
> The first patch is for a bug I tracked down in context.c that is causing 
> some of the behavior that wine is having with the ATI graphics driver.
That patch is no-op - it doesn't change anything.

> The second patch  was something I noticed in the code as well that 
> looked a little off which also relates to the way iPixel shaders are 
> init in the d3d code.
I don't think the second patch is correct. Some parts of it - might be but 
not all.

> -    /* When findCompatible is set and no suitable format was found, let ChoosePixelFormat choose a pixel format in order not to crash. */
> -    if(!iPixelFormat && !findCompatible) {
> -        ERR("Can't find a suitable iPixelFormat\n");
> -        return FALSE;
> -    } else if(!iPixelFormat) {
> +    if(!iPixelFormat) {
> +

Here you just ignoring the problem and not fixing anything. If Wine coudn't 
find compatible format - then something is wrong and it's an error.

> not sure about why the mailer is replacing spaces with ? that I do not 
> know...

First of all use text only (no html) messages. Second, attach your patches 
as text files to the e-mail message.

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