winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Sun Mar 2 12:53:31 CST 2008


On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 12:50 PM, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at> wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 2. März 2008 18:14:45 schrieb Adam Strzelecki:
>  > Do you guys think about reviving winequartz.drv?
>  I think everyone would greatly welcome efforts to continue it, and in fact
>  Steven Edwards is currently trying to bring the old driver up to date.

There is a public branch where the Wine quartzdrv will go even if its
not accepted in to Winehq. I have been from time to time bringing in
infrastructure changes from the old winequartzdrv however the current
tree is empty as the developer of the prior editions, Emmanuel
Maillard,  is in the process of overhauling it from recent changes to
the Wine driver model.

Keep an eye on

And hopefully in the next few weeks we will have a newer patch in the
winequartzdrv tree for a more recent version of Wine. I am not sure
what design changes Emmanuel is wanting to make but hopefully they
will be more to Alexandre's liking and can eventually go in to normal
winehq. If you want to work on quartzdrv with Emmanuel, send him an
email to get an idea of what he needs and what the design will be,
then apply for write access to and I will add you to
the winequartzdrv branch.

Steven Edwards

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