(resend) msi: Fix bug in handling of multivolume CAB files.

Ove Kaaven ovek at transgaming.com
Tue Mar 4 19:01:33 CST 2008

James Hawkins skrev:
> A lot of time has been spent fixing cab/media related bugs in
> installers, as the behavior is very fickle (and easily breakable), so
> can you please add a test case first?  See the multicab tests that are
> already in install.c.  They will fail in wine because our cabinet.dll
> cannot create compressed cabinets, but assuming you test in Windows or
> use native cabinet.dll, it'll still verify that the patch is correct.

Using native cabinet.dll from XP causes numerous failures in those tests 
(notably in caborder, if I remember right). I probably won't really have 
time to track that down right now.

But it seems that I am able to use builtin cabinet if I change 
create_cc_test_files to use a maxsize of 40000 or whatever instead of 
200, so that it creates 2 cabfiles instead of 615. (That routine creates 
something close to the situation I originally described, too.) And if I 
try it that way, my patch seems to fix the todo tests at lines 1733 and 
1734 (in test_uiLevelFlags), for some reason. Is that good enough?

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