Tons of shader recompilation in TRLegend and screen set issues

Edward Savage epssyis at
Fri Mar 7 23:53:53 CST 2008

I wouldn't mind knowing this as well.  For example there is a bug in
the rendering of the planet in the eve loading screen (this affects
all in game planets too) and has been a bug for a year or more now.
I've been trying to work out if it is worth poking the bug report on
it or just leaving it till some one has time to go back over older

2008/3/8 Paweł Różański <pawel.rozanski at>:
> Hi
>  Artur: or you could find that at least one of these bugs is already filled
>  But I have question which is more general (not only for Stefan Dösinger):
>  I tend to check if something changed in game/program that I'm
>  currently monitoring. Are new comments for bug like "it still not
>  woking at wine-....." need ?
>  Because i can add them :) every weekend or so. I really appreciate
>  developers time which was invested in wine. I just want to ask what is
>  more desired:
>  - report often that something doesn't work (to keep information current)
>  - leave it until dev response that this particular problem is solved
>  (but something can slip out)
>  Again - I don't want to look like impatient one (like i said - I
>  really appreciate what I have) I just want to know what will do better
>  job.
>  Keep care, your project keeps me thinking that everything is possible :)
>  --
>  Paweł Różański

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